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Indigenous Health

National Officer of Indigenous Health

The National Officer of Indigenous Health (NOIH) for 2020-2021 is Santanna Hernandez from the University of Calgary. You can contact her at [email protected]. The NOIH is responsible for the CFMS Indigenous Health portfolio under the Global Health Program in the following areas: External Engagement, Internal Communication, Advocacy & Education, and Management. The NOIH works alongside and supports the junior and senior CFMS Local Officers of Indigenous Health (LOIHs) at each member school. LOIHs’ responsibilities are to be split between the Sr. LOIH and Jr. LOIH, to allow for each team to use their strengths and adapt to locally important initiatives.


CFMS Commitment to Indigenous Health

Through mandates within the Global Health Program, the CFMS is committed to engaging with Indigenous peoples in Canada and advocating for their cultural and health-related rights on both a local and national level. We recognize the inequities that exist in the health status of Indigenous people and how the history of colonialism in Canada has continued to contribute to this inequity. Further, the CFMS recognizes the necessity for an organized mobilization of Canadian medical students to reverse these inequities through local and national initiatives.

The CFMS’ Mission provides three directions that reflect the need for a national-local engagement structure in terms Indigenous health.


Current Initiatives and Events

National Indigenous Medical Students Gathering

Indigenous Representation Exploratory Working Group

Indigenous Week of Advocacy


CFMS Indigenous Health Topics

Click on the topics below to find out more information on the CFMS stances on the following issues:



First Peoples, Second Class Treatment Executive Summary

First Peoples, Second Class Treatment Discussion Paper

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report and Findings

Indigenous Health Primer 

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