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Health and Environment Adaptive Response Task Force


The Health and Environment Adaptive Response Task force (HEART) is a group within the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) that was established in 2016 to help coordinate advocacy efforts among Canadian medical students regarding current issues in environmental health and climate change. This has included:

  • Creating Canada’s first ever comprehensive set of curriculum competencies on planetary health and evaluating their integration across the country
  • Partnering with Project Green Healthcare to support student-led sustainable healthcare initiatives
  • Leading conversations on climate justice through speaker series, awareness initiatives, and direct action in political advocacy campaigns and protests
  • Building and sustaining an engaged community of healthcare learners passionate about building a healthy future for our patients and communities

2022-2023 HEART Committee Members:

  • Co-Chairs: Julia Sawatzky (University of Alberta), Pardeep Gill (McMaster University)
  • Committee Members: Emma McDermott (Dalhousie University), Sumara Stroshein (University of British Columbia), Ericka Iny (McGill University), Omar Salem Taboun (Western University), Alanna Jane (Queen’s University), Peri Ren (Western University), Jessica Chu (Western University), Helen Hsiao (University of British Columbia), Harry Wang (University of Ottawa), Alicia Follett (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Kaothar Koulmi (McGill University), Mahrukh Kaimkhani (University of Calgary), Hillary Hanna (Western University), Mia Wu (Queen’s University), Crystal Ma (University of British Columbia), Yina Shan (University of Toronto), Grace Kuang (University of Toronto).

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