Canadian Federation of
Medical Students

Health and Environment Adaptive Response Task Force

The Health and Environment Adaptive Response Task force (HEART) is a group within the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) that was established in 2016 to help integrate communication and advocacy among Canadian medical students regarding current issues in environmental health and climate change. This is through events to raise awareness, and the development of core curricular competencies that address the main environmental issues to be included in the medical school curriculum across Canada.

2017-18 HEART members: Finola Hackett (University of Alberta), Blake Hollett Power (Memorial University), Itai Malkin (University of Ottawa), Julia Sawatzky (University of Alberta)

Curricular Competencies

The following steps have been taken since the creation of HEART to meet our goal of environmental health curriculum incorporation:

Steps 1 & 2 – completed. Steps 3 through 7 are ongoing now.

Our goal: the proposed climate change and environmental health educational competencies to be incorporated into Canadian medical schools’ curricula by 2020.

Read more about HEART's curricular competencies initiative here

Awareness Initiatives

HEART has had great success thus far with events and contests that are intended to increase the knowledge and awareness of medical students towards environmental issues.