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“I’ve been overwhelmed by emotion twice in my life: when I left home for university and when I went to Harry Potter World.”

  • Medical Student, Memorial University of Newfoundland

“I saw a loved one try to navigate the complexities around access to care, medications and ongoing support and realized just how many gaps exist where the most vulnerable people can fall right through. Our system is imperfect, but I do have so much hope for it and through working with the CFMS I intend to learn more about the role that I can play in making it better.”

  • Medical Student, University of Saskatchewan

“My personal goal in my medical career is to use my voice to aid in the development of a health care system where the marginalized are able to speak actively, create their own sustainable solutions, and own their future.”

  • Medical Student, University of Toronto

“The beauty of medicine is that our actions aren’t limited by the walls of the hospital; they range from helping an unconscious person in a plane to advocating for better policies that can benefit everyone.”

  • Medical Student, McGill University

“Medicine… it’s what I’ve dreamed about doing, and now I’m here! Working in a hospital, seeing the sickest of the sickest patients and learning about all the research going on… who could ask for anything more? Until I realized that I also dreamed about Sunday sing-alongs with my family, about taking my kids to soccer practice, about taking a couple weeks off to travel to Portugal every summer. It’s hard at 23 to imagine my future, but I’m trying my best to find a path that lets me live out both dreams.”

  • Medical Student, University of Ottawa

“I am a person first. Before medical student, before physician, before scholar, before anything else. I hope I never lose sight of this. I hope that years from now, people will say ‘Moira? You mean the musician, the mom, the skier? She’s a doctor too? Cool.”

  • Medical Student, Northern Ontario School of Medicine