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“I came to medical school from a mental health social work background. What I love about social work is that it aims to understand people in the context of their biological, psychological, social, cultural, and structural intersections. What I love even more about social work - and what I hope to carry into my medical practice - is that it emphasizes the importance of challenging the status quo.

For all current (or future) medical students, I have three pieces of advice: 1) Don’t be afraid to follow a non-linear path. Collect and treasure life experiences.; 2) Find mentors in your professional world whom you can learn from, and lean on; and, 3) Don’t lose your sense of humour. If anyone ever tries to take it away from you…fight them.”

  • Medical Student, McMaster University

“I wanted to be a fighter pilot. My dream was to attend the military college, to complete flight training and to then fly one of Canada’s CF-18’s. As I matured, I decided to change that plan a little bit. It then changed a little more. Until finally, I realized I wanted something completely different; a career in medicine. As I now advance in my clerkship training, I see many of the technical and procedural aspects of flying re-emerging in my life through surgical training. I now want to be a Pediatric Surgeon, but I’ve learned that dreams change, often unexpectedly!”

  • Medical Student, McGill University

“I believe in chasing your dreams and passions, but most importantly, I believe in staying true to yourself.”

  • Medical Student, University of Manitoba

“I frequently questioned whether or not I should be in medicine. My interests in social justice and public health heavily outweighed those in pathophysiology and clinical medicine. The initiatives and portfolios in the CFMS keep me engaged in advocacy and community engagement projects, and show me that medicine is another means to addressing broad social change with the added bonus of helping a vulnerable person who is sitting across from you. Now I’m confident that patient care is a single piece of the entire health equity puzzle and this is where I need to be.”

  • Medical Student, University of Alberta