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The 70th World Health Assembly will take place in Geneva between May 22nd and May 31st, 2017. This meeting is one of the largest health policy setting events, it brings together health ministers and health representatives from the 194 World Health Organization (WHO) member states.

Dear students,

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Medical societies, meeting delegates and member medical students are invited to put forward resolutions for discussion and debate at the CFMS Annual General Meeting during the Members Resolutions Session. Resolutions should reflect an understanding of ongoing and past work, and resolutions must pertain to new work of the Federation. Members are encouraged to review resolutions submitted at the previous meeting, available on the CFMS website under the AGM 2016 meeting documents section.   

CFMS AGM 2016: Nominations for Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) Executive

An open letter to refugees has been written by Canadian Medical Students.  Please click here.

The CaRMS 2016 R-1 Match Reports are now available. For lots of interesting statistics about the Match, please click here.

Call for Applicants – CFMS Travel Awards

John Gallinger, CaRMS CEO, was present at CCME 2016 to offer us insight into the 2016 Edition of the R-1 Match. If you’re interested in the details of his presentation (including lots of statistics about unmatched students and the competitiveness of the match), please click here.

Represent Canada at the IFMSA General Assembly in Puebla, Mexico