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Rallying together to save lives

With the launch of the AFMC Student Portal, the CFMS has strived to ensure that we are providing timely feedback to the AFMC and that this service is updated to meet the needs of our membership. The CFMS has worked to implement a feedback collection system. Students can send concerns about the electives booking process to [email protected].


The CFMS is hard at work throughout the school year to advocate for medical student interests and to bring our membership high quality services and initiatives.

Harold Albrecht, MP for Kitchener-Conestoga, together with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) hosted a town hall meeting to consult with local seniors, health care professionals, and service providers on preparing for Canada’s aging population.

Future Physicians Support Comprehensive Sexual Education in Ontario

##CMA expands Ambassador Program for annual meeting

Interested in professionalism in medicine? Looking for an engaging way to spend the summer? Consider the NEW CMA Medical Student Internship!