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Medical Officer Training Program for Unmatched Students -MOTP Surge 2018


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The CFMS in collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces has worked to create supernumerary Family Medicine positions through the Medical Officer Training Program (MOTP). This initiative is called MOTP Surge 2018. If you are interested in exploring the option of becoming a Medical Officer and starting residency in July, please follow the steps below.

In order to apply you must:

Unmatched Medical Students

Regardless of previous interest in the military, any medical student who finds out they are unmatched after the second match iteration on April 11 is encouraged to:

1. Send an email with “MOTP Surge 2018” in the subject to: [email protected]. This will get them put on an emailing list through which we will communicate any and all updates regarding the military application process and/or PGME application process.

The initial email must include:

2. Consider visiting:

More information will continue to become available as it develops.

For those who become interested in applying to these return of service PGME Family Medicine Residency Seats:

  • “Regular Force - Full Time”
  • Choose Army or Navy or Airforce (this will not affect your application nor your employment and we can change it later in application process should you choose)
  • “Officer”
  • Entry plan “Medical Officer Training Plan”
  • Military Occupation “Medical"
  • During application process, ensure you select:
  • Be prepared to attend a one day recruiting process (details to be determined)
  1. Subscribe to the MOTP Surge 2018 mailing list (see instructions above)
  2. Start “Military side” of application here
  3. Be prepared to Start “PGME side” of application. The timelines will be quick as we are targeting 1 July 2018 on-cycle start.
  4. Questions can be directed to: [email protected]. Ensure the subject line includes “MOTP Surge 2018”

Family Medicine Programs Accepting MOTP Surge 2018 Applications:

  1. Queens University:
  2. University of Ottawa:
  3. University of Calgary:
  4. University of Manitoba (deadline extended until May 4th):
  5. University of Toronto: Discussion surrounding potential seats, process and timelines ongoing
  6. University of Alberta:  click here for instructions