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Medical Officer Training Program for Unmatched Students - MOTP Surge


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Information about a possible MOTP Surge 2020 will be provided after Match Day

The information below is regarding MOTP 2019

What is the MOTP Surge 2019?

The Medical Officer Training Plan (MOTP) Surge 2019 is a collaborative initiative between participating Post Graduate Medical Programs across Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) which provides an opportunity for medical students who remain unmatched after the second round in the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) to apply for a residency position in Family Medicine and subsidization through the CAF.

Who is eligible for the MOTP Surge 2019?

In order to be eligible for the MOTP Surge 2019, you must:

  1. be a Canadian citizen (permanent residency does not equate to Canadian citizenship);
  2. have obtained your medical degree.
  3. have participated in the match process of the CaRMS in 2019; and
  4. pass the screening process for enrolment in the CAF. Please note that if your screening requires a pre-security review your file may not be able to be processed within the tight timelines of the MOTP Surge 2019. A pre-security review may apply to individuals who, for example: a) have not resided in Canada for a continuous ten-year period immediately prior to applying to the CAF; b) maintain dual citizenship; c) have an immediate relative currently residing in a country other than Canada; and/or d) possess foreign assets.

Application Process

Applying to the MOTP Surge 2019 is a two-step process which involves:

  1. applying to enrol in the CAF; and
  2. applying for a position with one or more of the participating Family Medicine Residency Programs in Canada.

To apply to the CAF, you must send a Notice of Intent to apply to the MOTP Surge 2019 to: [email protected] no later than April 17 2019. The subject line of your e-mail must state: MOTP Surge 2019. In the body of your e-mail, you must provide the following:

To begin the on-line application for enrolment in the CAF, click here and then click on the “Apply Now” button.

Following Universities have programs that are accepting applications in the MOTP Surge 2019:

Please note that the list of participating universities may change throughout the MOTP Surge 2019; therefore, applicants should check back frequently for updates.

Students selected for Family Medicine Residency sponsorship must agree to the following with regards to enrolling in the Canadian Armed Forces:

Questions related to the MOTP Surge 2019 may be addressed to the following Health Services Specialist Recruiters:

Canadian Forces Health Services Specialist Recruiter (West)

Captain Carol Robitaille (Based out of Calgary, AB)

[email protected]

Canadian Forces Health Services Specialist Recruiter (Central)

Captain Jack MacFarlane (Based out of Oshawa, ON)

[email protected]

Canadian Forces Health Services Specialist Recruiter (East)

Captain Simon Pelchat (Based out of Sherbrooke, QC)

[email protected]

Canadian Forces Health Services Specialist Recruiter (Support)

Sergeant Laen Hanson (Based out of Borden, ON)

[email protected]