Canadian Federation of
Medical Students

CFMS Representatives

Medical student societies are each represented by two CFMS Reps and the Medical Society President, who are responsible for attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Spring General Meeting (SGM). They maintain contact with each other and the executive team throughout the year. Decisions are carried out by vote with each institution receiving two votes and each executive member receiving one. Medical student societies commonly send more than two representatives to participate in CFMS meetings and activities.
  • University of British Columbia
  • Sr. Rep: Tiffany Lam
    Jr. Rep: Kingsley Shih
    President: Eric Zhao
  • Email:
  • University of Alberta
  • Sr. Rep: Ashlee Yang
    Jr. Rep: Brendan Morgan
    President: Fatemeh Ramazani
  • Email:
  • University of Calgary
  • Sr. Rep: Luxey Sirisegaram
    Jr. Rep: Chantal Badger
    President: Brad Prince
  • Email:
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Sr. Rep: Jeffrey Poon
    Jr. Rep: Bonnie Liu
    President: Larissa Padayachee
  • Email:
  • University of Manitoba
  • Sr. Rep: Bryce Barr
    Jr. Rep: Gurmeet Sohi
    President: Robert Schmidt
  • Email:
  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine
  • Sr. Rep: Kristen Zahn
    Jr. Rep: Talia Ryan
    President: Meaghan Donnelly-Perras
  • Email:
  • Western University
  • Sr. Rep: Justin Cottrell
    Jr. Rep: Brandon Chau
    Presidents: Noah Stern
  • Email:
  • McMaster University
  • Sr. Rep: Cameron Lam
    Jr. Rep: Vivian Ng
    President: Hrishikesh Suresh
  • Email:
  • University of Toronto
  • Sr. Rep: Claudia Frankfurter
    Jr. Rep: Sujen Saravanabavan
    President: Roland Xu
  • Email:
  • Queens University
  • Sr. Rep: Graham Shelhorne-Gross
    Jr. Rep: Andrew Dawson
    President: Jonathen Krett
  • Email:
  • University of Ottawa
  • Sr. Rep: Jonathan Gravel
    Jr. Rep: Max Deschner
    President: Kristin Ambacher
  • Email:
  • McGill University
  • Sr. Rep: Ivan Serwadda-Luwega
    Jr. Rep: (No Jr. Rep at McGill)
    President: Doulia Hamad
  • Email:
  • Dalhousie University
  • Sr. Rep: Matt Ernst
    Jr. Rep: Alexandra Taylor
    President: Mike MacGillvary
  • Email:
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Sr. Rep: John Jeddore
    Jr. Rep: Courtney Manuel
    President: Meghan Mahoney
  • Email: