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The CFMS is an organization representing over 8,000 medical students from 14 Canadian medical student societies from coast to coast. We represent medical students to the public, to the federal government, and to national and international medical organizations.
CFMS Strategic Initiatives Fund
August 15, 2018
To submit a completed application, or if there are questions or concerns, please email the VP Finance at [email protected]. Applications must be submitted by September 3, 2018 at 11:59pm in PDF form.

What is it?

As a portion of its annual operating budget, the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), allocates an amount to its Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF). This fund is meant to finance initiatives and projects that arise after the budget for any given year has been approved. While CFMS’ Student Initiative Grants fund individual initiatives at individual schools, the SIF aims to fund larger scale initiatives or projects across multiple geographies and CFMS portfolios. The primary objective of this fund is to finance initiatives and projects which are clearly aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives, mission, vision, and values.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Examples of eligible ideas

Submission guidelines

Applicants will need to submit the following information:

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