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CFMS Board Elections

Your candidates for 2022-2023 Special General Meeting election Candidates

Vice-President Communications

  • Emily Macphail
  • University of Calgary
  • Hello CFMS delegates,

    My name is Emily (she/her) and I’m a final year MD/PhD student at the University of Calgary, gratefully living on Treaty 7 territory, which is also home to Region 3 of the Metis Nation of Alberta.

    As you are all aware of the VP Communications’ role and responsibilities, I’ll focus on my additional goals if elected to the position:

    1. 1. CONNECT: Work with relevant portfolios to create:
      • a) More opportunities for CFMS members to share ideas and support each other’s initiatives.
      • b) Virtual spaces where CFMS members can connect with others who share similar challenges and experiences, for community and support.
    2. 2. SUPPORT: Provide students with easy access to accurate information by:
      • a) Ensuring that the CFMS website is up-to-date, with organized, easily accessible or requestable records.
      • b) Developing a regular Q&A feature in the CFMS Communique where residents/physicians answer anonymous student questions.
    3. 3. REPRESENT: Explore the possibility of adding representatives from CFMS-adjacent organizations (i.e. BMSAC, CAPD, CQMSA, IMSAC, etc.) to the Representatives Roundtable, in order to have guaranteed ongoing representation from historically underrepresented groups.

    My overall aim is to work towards a more transparent CFMS which doesn’t only communicate information TO members, but which also actively listens and responds; provides means for members to connect/communicate with each other and with residents/attendings; and is open with its processes and decision-making.

    Thank you for considering me as a candidate to serve as your 2022-23 VP Communications!

    Please reach out if you have questions or want additional information ([email protected]).

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  • Atlantic Regional Director

  • Gaurav Arora
  • Dalhousie University
  • My name is Gaurav Arora (he/him) and I’m a second-year medical student at Dalhousie University. I’m running to be your Atlantic Regional Director. Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the CFMS Atlantic Task Force where I assisted with the Physician Recruitment and Retention Toolkit project. In addition, I’ve served as class president, where I sat on UGME committees and advocated for changes to the curriculum, curriculum delivery, visiting electives, accommodations for students, and student wellness.

    As the Atlantic Regional Director, I will work to increase representation of Atlantic medical students within the CFMS. Work with the Atlantic medical students’ societies to understand the issues students are facing and help organize events that would enable students to network. I will advocate for the return to visiting electives and equitable elective opportunities in the Atlantic region. Advocate for the CaRMS process to take into consideration the pandemic-related challenges, assist with issues parents in medical school face, work towards a fairer remediation process. Assist with developing and incorporating Equity, Diversity,Inclusivity, and Decolonization (EDID) standards into the curriculum. I will support initiatives by medical students and facilitate networking across the country. Lastly, I would be committed to furthering the work of Stephanie this past year and collaborate with the newly formed Canadian Atlantic Medical Student Association (CAMSA).

    I respectfully acknowledge I live and work as a settler on the ancestral homeland of the Mi’kmaq in Nova Scotia

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  • Georgia Darmonkow
  • Memorial University of NL
  • Please accept this blurb as my expression of interest to represent the students of the Atlantic medical schools as this year’s CFMS Atlantic Regional Director. As I embark on clerkship, I feel strongly drawn to take on this role - I have knowledge under my belt but still have lots to learn (don’t we all?!) As the Memorial University Class of 2024 president, a member of our school’s Medical Student Society, a student representative on the Culture of Excellence Committee and a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association Board of Directors, I am well versed in gathering, synthesizing and presenting information, especially student views, concerns and triumphs in an efficient and respectful manner. In these roles, among others, I have developed strong relationships with members of my class, members of other classes, Faculty, staff and external organizations. Further, they have privileged me with awareness of current issues facing Atlantic medical students. I am committed to authentic and open communication and ensuring that everyone feels respected and heard. While the number of Atlantic medical students may be small, we still represent 20% of Canadian Medical schools and I think that makes us mighty! I am passionate and confident in my ability to skillfully represent us on a National scale. I am excited for this opportunity and simply put, my vision for the next year is to be a servant leader for Atlantic medical students and strategically support our best interests.

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  • Julie Cormier
  • Memorial University of NL
  • Hey everyone/ Allo tout le monde!

    My name is Julie Cormier, and I am a member of the MUN med class of 2025. I am originally from Dieppe, NB, and completed my undergrad at Dalhousie University, so I have lived in every Atlantic Canadian region where there is a medical school. As I loved every area, this position really resonated with me! Another fact about me is that my first language is French (Dieppe is almost entirely francophone), which gives me a unique understanding of the very different French and English streams of medicine. I have gotten to learn a little bit about each medical school from the people I grew up with who attend French medical schools and people I met during my undergrad who go to Dal med. I would love to represent and advocate for the Atlantic medical schools and learn more about them and their wonderful students!

    If elected, my main goal will be to increase the Atlantic student involvement in the CFMS as every Atlantic medical school is underrepresented nationally. I am especially excited about the new CAMSA - I would want to be the connection between the association and the CFMS. I would ensure that the increased student involvement, connections and resources brought about by the association are being directed nationally. I would do so by informing the association of CFMS events, programs and advocacy to encourage participation, thus adding an Atlantic student perspective to them.

    Thank you for your consideration,


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  • Mohammad Al-Qadi
  • Université de Sherbrooke, Moncton Campus (CFMNB)
  • Hello all,

    My name is Mohammad Al-Qadi, and I am an incoming third-year medical student at Université de Sherbrooke, Moncton campus, which is situated on the traditional lands of the Mi'kma'ki and Wolastoqiyik peoples.

    After working with the CFMS for 2 years as VP external of my medsoc, I had the chance to see the old structure, the reforms, and how they are coming to fruition. I also had the chance to work and interact with other organizations, such as the FMEQ and CAMSA. Moreover, I was a co-organizer for the Conference of Atlantic Medical Students in 2021. It is with this background of representing my colleagues and dealing with national organizations that I wanted to present myself for the role of Atlantic Regional Director.

    On top of representing and advocating for Atlantic medical students within the region and on the national level on key topics such as EDI and wellness, I would like to take a three-pronged approach to my term:

    1. 1. Increase student engagement and bonds between the Atlantic schools
    2. 2. Establish a good relationship between the CFMS and CAMSA to set the foundation for future dynamics
    3. 3. Increase opportunities for Atlantic medical students (ex: research)

    In sum, after spending 2 years on the other side of the coin working on student engagement and representing my campus, the role of ARD felt like the next logical step of my involvement; I would truly be honored to represent my region.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Mohammad Al-Qadi

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  • Quebec Regional Director

  • Maya Alik
  • McGill University
  • It is with great pleasure that I submit my application to the Quebec Regional Director role.

    I held the GAAC officer position last year within McGill's medical student society. One of my roles consisted of having a seat at the CFMS roundtable. The roundtables were crucial in keeping in touch with what every medical school was doing in term of advocacy as well as I was reporting on McGill's updates. These various and constant dialogues truly solidified our relationship with the CFMS. I was also afforded the opportunity to attend the CFMS National Day of Action where medical students across Canada meet with Parliamentarians and advocate for health system changes at a national level.

    My strong interest in this position has been fostered by these experiences that provided me with the necessary skills to become the Quebec Regional Director. One of my roles would be to serve as the liaison with the FMEQ. I am prepared to always keep an open and transparent dialogue between the CFMS and FMEQ. I will also serve as the Chair of the bilingualism committee. Being fluent in French, I have had experience in translation of official documents from English to French. I was a T.A during my undergrad, I was responsible for translating the official examinations. I also translated the Day of Action press release that the CMFS put out last May.

    It would be my honor and privilege to represent Quebec's medical student within the CFMS.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Maya Alik

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  • Ontario Regional Director

  • Aly Fawzy
  • University of Toronto
  • My name is Aly! I am a medical student at UofT going into my 2nd year. A little bit about myself, I did my undergrad at York University in Kinesiology. I am a huge sports fan, mainly soccer and basketball. I enjoy reading books about human psychology and politics.

    I am very interested to run for the Ontario Regional Director position to help advocate for Ontario medical students. In the past, I have held many advocacy positions, most recently advocating for easier COVID-19 vaccine access for people with disability, through lobbying the City of Toronto council.

    This position would give me a huge platform to continue my passion for advocacy. I would love to work closely with medical societies in the planning of Ontario events to ensure students are benefiting from these events, both professionally and personally. I have a unique interest in mentorship and would work with Ontario medical schools to implement a province-wide mentorship program, for both medical students and disadvantaged pre-medical students. Finally, a goal of mine is to foster strong relationships and open communication with Ontario medical students to collaborate on provincial/federal problems that uniquely affect them.

    I think there is a lot of work that needs to be tackled when comes to EDI. I will work with Ontario medical school representatives to take on issues such as lack of representation in certain medical specialities, equitable distribution of resources, and making a concerted effort to address unique challenges that northern and rural Ontario medical students face.

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  • Aidan Goertzen
  • NOSM University
  • Hi folks!

    It is important that you feel well represented by your Ontario Regional Director and I hope you’ll consider electing me to advocate on behalf of your student body. I know your experiences and school, like mine, are unique and your perspectives matter to me. I promise to spend more time listening than speaking in order to understand and effectively represent your needs and concerns. As a NOSM student, I am familiar with the feeling of being underrepresented, and my priority as ORD is to ensure that my work feels relevant to all schools. While I’m passionate about the work I’m doing around curriculum reform founded in EDI and addressing the competitive culture of medicine, I promise my work as ORD will be driven by the collective interests and needs of medical learners.

    If elected I plan to:

    1. 1. Foster relationships with medical students and student councils to understand the structure of each school, specific concerns, and key contacts for my term
    2. 2. Understand student perspectives and concerns to effectively advocate when acting as an ambassador at meetings with external organizations (e.g. AFMC, Royal College)
      1. Key topics I want your perspective on: visiting electives, unmatched grads, transition to medical school, work-life balance, the CARMS interview process (virtual vs. in person)
    3. 3. Encourage communication about critical decision-making from medical administration to their student body to promote transparency
    4. 4. Continue existing work on burnout prioritizing the shift towards proactive-based systems rather than crisis response

    Looking forward to working together,


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